Cuban Spiced, Product Launch

We were called by Havana Club to submit a design proposal that would fit the mood of their new Spirit-based drink, targeting young people and women,

The combination of Havana Club Añejo Especial with spices, vanilla and cinnamon notes, and tropical flavors like guava, pineapple, and coconut, was all the inspiration we needed for this exclusive product presentation from one of the country's most prestigious brands.

The first step was to find a spacious, industrial-style venue that could be appealing to a young audience. The idea of using the spaces at the Cultural Station of Linea and 18, a former factory, came as a second option. As soon as we saw it, we knew it was the perfect place for this launch and that we could transform it from scratch.

The concept we worked on prioritized vibrant colors reminiscent of our Caribbean island. Tropical plants and foliage painted in shades of orange, blue, red, yellow, and green formed the basis of the decoration. We chose to use fruits present in the drink's preparation in the welcome area, at the bars, and as centerpieces.

Transparent chairs, low cocktail tables, white lounge furniture that wouldn't visually clutter the space or distract attention were the seating solution we proposed.

Creating several spaces with photographic and ludic functions was one of the highlights of the night. An stamp stand, where the guests could get an unlimited number of UV ink patterns featuring tropical motifs and the Havana Club brand, to be revealed under black light and a 360 video camera platform, among them.

There was no dull moment throughout the night, neither before nor after the musical presentation. A visually appealing event with a vibrant ambiance full of tropical flavor to highlight the attributes of Cuban Spiced.

Event planning and decor by Aire de Fiesta Cuba

Venue: Cultural Center Línea & 18th Street

Photos: Pop Estudio

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