DIOR, training workshop

Training workshops are a widely used tool for teamwork in the business world. Strengthening theoretical and practical skills or competencies necessary for sales was one of the goals of this meeting. Organized by Saint Remy, a French company with over 20 years in the Cuban market and exclusive distributor of the most prestigious perfume brands internationally, the event took place at the Grand Aston hotel in Havana.

Our team focused on a set-up that would enhance communication while maintaining the aesthetics of Parfums Christian Dior, a seemingly simple yet challenging project.

Dior perfumes today reflect the passion for beauty of the designer who founded the House. His love for flowers has inspired numerous fragrances with a floral heart. This was one of the fundamental pillars that guided us in designing the decoration for this workshop.

As a central focal point, a photocall with the House's brand, a white backdrop, and delicate floral arrangements on golden metal structures were set up. For the workshop area, white tablecloths with golden centerpieces featuring a similar floral design.

The greatest success was finding the ideal balance to create a professional environment that was not only functional but also pleasing to the senses.

Olfactory notes and sales techniques to professionally advise and guide the brand's sales representatives and shop assistants, were some of the topics covered. Dior perfumes include feminine and masculine fragrances that are sold at high-end cosmetic counters worldwide.

Decor & Flowers by Aire de Fiesta Cuba

Venue: Grand Aston Hotel

Photography: Julio Alvite

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