Live & Victor, wedding at Viñales Valley

boda en viñales cuba

Couples often choose a wedding location based on the happiness they experienced there in the past. For these newlyweds, Viñales was a sentimental choice due to its breathtaking beauty in the Cuban geography.

Our team drew inspiration from a romantic style that harmonized with the natural surroundings of the Valley. The bride got ready at Rancho San Vicente hotel, while the vows and reception took place at the scenic La Ermita hotel nestled on a Viñales Valley slope.

The color scheme of ochre tones, deep reds, and vibrant oranges mirrored the hues of the landscape, enhancing the celebration's design with the stunning view.

Despite a rainy start to the day, the downpour was seen as a symbol of blessings, fertility, and abundance for the couple's enduring happiness. As the sun emerged for the ceremony, this belief was reaffirmed.

From late afternoon well into the early morning, Live and Victor reveled in their Viñales wedding surrounded by loved ones. Laughter, surprises, games, and a heartfelt concert by Cuban singer Divan, a surprise gift, added to the magic of the reception held in the hotel's pool area.

Wedding planning, decor and florals by Aire de Fiesta Cuba

Bride Getting Ready: Rancho San Vicente hotel

Wedding venue: La Ermita hotel

Photos: Yaniel Tolentino

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