Victoria & Guilherme, destination wedding in Havana

Novios brasileños se casan en Cuba. Boda de destino en Cuba

There is a certain magic that comes with a destination wedding, especially when that destination is as enchanting as Cuba. The journey for couples who opt for a Cuban wedding is filled with challenges, but when the day of the ceremony finally arrives, the culmination of months of hard work brings a joy that words can hardly capture.

Victoria and Guilherme's wedding was loaded with symbolism in every detail. The bride's entrance was a poignant moment, as she walked accompanied by her parents before taking the final steps alone, signifying the transition we all must make at some point in our lives.

The selection of the venue for the ceremony was a stroke of brilliance. Its grand, illuminated hall and meticulously planned floral arrangements were pivotal in achieving the visual spectacle we had envisioned.

The reception at La Guarida was another chapter in this love story that we helped craft with passion alongside the couple. Once more, the native foliage and floral design took center stage, transforming La Guarida into a garden straight out of a fairy tale, transporting all present to a realm of enchantment.

From the joyous guests to the live music, heartfelt testimonials, celebratory toasts, and the couple's first dance, every moment of Victoria and Guilherme's wedding day was a treasure. It is impossible to pinpoint just one special moment, as each minute of this destination wedding added to the tapestry of happy memories woven on their special day.

Wedding planner: Luciana Krizanowski

Day of coordination, design, decor and florals by Aire de Fiesta Cuba

Photos: Marcel Kriegl

MUA: Michel Rego

Ceremonia: Palacio de los Matrimonios de Prado

Reception venue: La Guarida

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