Susana & Julio, timeless and romantic wedding

Recién casados posan frente a su ceremonia con arco floral en jardín del Hotel Nacional de Cuba

For this team, who thoroughly enjoys romance, it was a true stroke of luck to plan every detail of Susana and Julio's special day at the iconic Hotel Nacional de Cuba.

Floral design was the focal point of the ceremony. The concept favored pastel tones and roses, a classic and timeless choice.

The reception hall decoration continued the romantic theme of the ceremony with tall centerpieces, candles, and stylish lamps.

And because the couple adored their wedding arch, we did something we almost never recommend. Yes, we moved the arch to the hall, after their ceremony, so that this central element of the wedding could accompany them throughout the night!

There was a first dance for the newlyweds, a lucky catch of the bride's bouquet, and many guests let out that dancer we all carry inside. Happy memories and beautiful photos were the gift left by this romantic, floral, and classic wedding in Havana.

Event planning, decor and flowers by Aire de Fiesta Cuba

Venue: Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Wedding photography by Ivan Botello

MUA; Michel Rego

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