Super Mario-inspired party

Cumple infantil temática Super Mario. Cumpleaños en La Habana. Aire de Fiesta Cuba

This Super Mario-inspired children's birthday party was crafted with an extra dose of love for the new generation of Aire de Fiesta. Despite navigating through COVID restrictions, logistical hurdles, and the physical distance between Cuba and Spain, we were thrilled to finally have Lucas celebrating at home the dream party his parents had envisioned for so long.

Let us share some of the highlights of the day:

Sofia, the delightful Princess Peach of the birthday bash, had just as much fun as her brother.

Kids of all ages, from the young to the young-at-heart, flocked to the tattoo station, with some even opting for multiple designs!

Once again, corralling all the children for a group photo proved to be quite the challenge.

Cotton candy never fails to captivate us, no matter our age!

Though not captured in the photos, a lively water gun and water balloon fight ensued, transporting us back to carefree childhood days and leaving us soaked but happy.

The vibrant world of Super Mario permeated every aspect of the celebration, from the colors to the piñata, the kids' juice bar, the games, the photo station and the birthday cake. The meticulous planning process for this children's party spanned months and continents, with many helping hands ensuring that every detail aligned perfectly with our vision.

Venue, event planning and decor by Aire de Fiesta Cuba

Catering: La Habanera de Aguacate

Cake: Kirocake Cuba

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