Maria & Jose, a travel-themed wedding

Themed weddings are a perennial favorite and a trend that continues to evolve. For this couple, a travel-inspired ceremony perfectly captured their shared passion for exploring new destinations.

They wanted their special day to reflect the places they cherished around the globe. Incorporating wooden elements and vintage accents, the ceremony took place in the enchanting gardens of the Hotel Nacional. Globes, travel suitcases, and vibrant floral arrangements adorned the space, with a Welcome sign showcasing the couple's favorite cities.

The cocktail reception seamlessly complemented the venue's ambiance. Every detail, from small travel suitcases as guest gifts to compasses and postcards from around the world, enhanced the travel-inspired theme.

The focal point was the cake table, featuring elegant golden structures and a stunning wedding cake.  

The couple aimed to provide their guests with a unique and memorable experience through their themed wedding, which was distinctive, original, and filled with joy. Their shared moments and interests were beautifully woven into their special day, symbolizing the incredible journey they embarked on together.

Total inspiration for couples who love adventure and traveling the world hand in hand.

Event planning, decor and flowers by Aire de Fiesta Cuba

MUA: Aida Style

Venue: Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Wedding photography by Ivan Botello

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