Carolina & Charlie, a tropical wedding by the beach

If there's a favorite spot for couples tying the knot in Cuba, it's undoubtedly the beach, with the blue backdrop and the sea breeze. Opting for a beach wedding is undeniably one of the most romantic choices, particularly enticing to those seeking the allure of a tropical setting for their ceremony.

For Carolina and Charlie, it wasn't any different. They chose to say "I do" on the sands of Club Habana, west of the capital. Embracing a tropical and vibrant aesthetic their celebration seamlessly intertwined materials like wood and natural textures.

The vivid floral arrangements, boasting hues of reds, yellows, and greens, stole the spotlight creating a colorful atmosphere and blended in with the designated areas to welcome guests with hats, fans, or the classic Cuban cigars.

The beach party was full of music, dancing, vibrant colors, and lively rhythms, capturing the couple's unique spirit.

Event planning, decor and flowers by Aire de Fiesta Cuba

Venue: Club Habana

Photos: Ivan Botello

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