Pinterest: Inspiration vs Budget

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paris inspired wedding in havana

Pinterest is a great tool to get inspired, especially during the planning of the wedding, but with tons of inspiration throughout the network, sometimes it can be overwhelming! How to get the best out of it, without the wedding ceasing to be something unique to the couple. And how to do it while keeping it within budget? Check these tips!!

Think about the budget you have before you start to pin. This is very important! It is very easy to get carried away by a stunning decoration or some impressive flowers, but let's be honest, just to see an image you are very likely to know if you can afford it or not.

If you are able to recognize it from the first moment, and to talk with your coordinator or designer, you will give enjoy the following advantages: To save time for both of you and to allow them to find, within the same style, a decoration that fits what you can afford.

 varadero cuba rustic beach wedding inspiration

varadero cuba rustic beach wedding inspiration

The same style, rustic beach wedding, two different ways of expressing it

Include in your search for inspiration the Pinterest boards of the companies you are considering for the organization or design of your wedding. On these boards you can find great things, but not just styled shoots but real real stuff also, and that's exactly  what you need! Because here is another thing you should know about Pinterest, many times the pins belong to specialized photo-shoots, not real weddings, and although the visual result can be spectacular, it is unlikely that you will be able to reproduce it exactly the same, think about the furniture, the style lamps or the very high volumes of flowers. Even if you manage to reproduce it, the costs may be higher than your budget allows.


elegant indoor havana wedding inspiration

Make a comment on each image exactly of what you like, if it is the type of flowers, or if it is the vase, the lighting or perhaps the colors. These comments will help you at the end when you have a full board, and will also guide your coordinator or wedding designer to understand the style you want and the type of details that make you happy. Even when pins are not directly related to weddings  they can show if your style is more rustic or more elegant, or if white or nude are definitely tones that should be in your color palette.

rustic table setting inspiration

rustic wedding seating chart inspiration  in havana

The most important thing to remember is that no matter how stunning and fashionable a wedding on Pinterest can be, your guests will only remember it as something special, if yours really reflects what you are as a couple. Replicate an image of someones's wedding will take away personalization to yours. And also, have you ever seen a designer or wedding planner who likes to repeat the work of others ?? We certainly don't, nothing at all!

rustic wedding cake inspiration

So, brides and grooms, dream big, but share pins responsibly and with your budget in mind. Always remember that the magic is in the details!!!!

varadero cuba beach wedding inspiration

Photos: Julio Alvite & Ivan Botello

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