How to choose your wedding photographer: Inside Tips

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Choosing the photographer of your wedding could be one of the most difficult decisions to make during the planning process. Selecting someone who can capture images that are both beautiful and emotional, that can make you look good (although you cry in the ceremony) and also have good chemistry with you as a couple is like going crazy ... especially when we know there is no second chance to do it right!

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When choosing the photographer it is important to know in advance the type of photographs you want: A more documentary style, with which you can make a recount of the day, another more emotional or artistic in which you can see in close-ups the bond between the couple, or one halfway between these two?

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The budget is important too, but it is not the first thing you should think about, the most important thing would be to choose a style, find the professionals that work best, explore the options until you select one and then adjust the budget around the options that this particular photographer gives.

Havana garden wedding ceremony photography

Choosing an economic professional, exclusively for the price offered, can lead to a photograph that does not capture the excitement of the day, or the most important moments. In addition, a more experienced a.k.a more expensive photographer, will always make sure to have the right equipment, the correct technique and above all, the expertise to ensure a later editing work that highlights the best of the photos taken.

Havana Bride Photography

It is also vital to ensure good results, to get to know the photographer before the wedding, at least in a videoconference if you can meet them personally. This person will be with you throughout the day, from the preparations to the end of the reception, and it is important that you can relax in his presence. Stress and discomfort can be the worst enemies of a good photograph.

Havana garden wedding ceremony photography

In summary, although it is a complex decision, it is not impossible to make a good decision. Here at Aire de Fiesta we have prepared some tips so you can follow them, step by step!

  1. Select the style you want for the photograph. Keep in mind that with the documentary style and also with the artistic one you will get natural, spontaneous photos, from a more personal perspective and with unconventional angles.
  2. Choose the photographer and check his website or page on Facebook or Instagram to see samples of his works and opinions of his clients.
  3. Schedule an appointment. Ask if your wedding date is available. Make sure there is a connection between you. No matter how good your portfolio is, if you do not feel comfortable with it this will be reflected in the result of the photos. If it is not possible for you to have a personal encounter, make sure you at least chat via phone or chat.
  4. Make sure you see a complete wedding album, not just the best photographs. This advice is fundamental. It is not enough to see only a sample of a wedding.
  5. Confirm the photographer and if you have space in the budget, confirm a second photographer too (in a next article we will be talking about the advantages of hiring a second camera). Before doing so, compare the packages they offer and the hours of coverage they provide.
  6. Be clear about the delivery times and the editing work that is included. The usual is 30 to 45 days depending on the level of work that the photographer has and the type of edition.
  7. Ask about your rights regarding ownership of the images, publication for promotional purposes or printing. We always recommend our clients read the contract carefully before hiring. In our case we only include a clause referring to the publication by our company of wedding photos for promotional purposes.

The more the photographer knows what you want, the more certain you are to obtain it, so the main recommendation is to make yourself heard and make sure you are in tune. The rest is simply a matter of enjoying your day to the fullest: your happiness will be noticed !!!

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