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Makeup and hairstyle, bridal styling in Cuba II

15 de november de 2019 | 0


As we promised today we share the second part of our series on Makeup and Wedding Hairstyle in Cuba, with some of the most frequent doubts that brides ask us when they start planning their Big Day.

Trends in hairstyle in this 2019 have moved towards effortless updos (those loose strands that have not only stepped hard this year, but will possibly remain for the next season), braids and romantic waves. For Cuban brides - and those who choose Cuba as their wedding destination - these styles have also left their mark, because who doesn't want to look like their best version on her wedding day?


The dream dress, the right accessories, the ideal makeup, everything conspires to make the bride look like a true princess on the day of her ceremony, but the hair style will also be an essential part of that result. And that’s exactly how started our conversation with Aida Clemente Torres, our dear Aidita, one of the most demanded professionals by brides in our Havana.

According to her comments we can confirm the three factors to consider when choosing the hairstyle on the wedding day. First the type of face and hair, second the style of the dress and third, but not least, the venue where the ceremony will be held. Defining whether it will be an open space exposed to possible winds, added to the weather conditions (For us mostly high temperatures and humidity) are decisive.

Once we choose the hairstyle, it is time to think about whether to stick to one trend or another. For the past years we have seen a return to more natural bridal styles, braided hair, half updos, waves, and natural flowers have become a Must. As a stylist, Aida’s advice is to select half updos and a more casual hairstyle that will bring freshness and a juvenile charm to the bride.


As for care routines and general advice, she tells us that the secret is not to make changes to the cut and color of the hair before the wedding, nor facial treatments less than 15 days before the ceremony. Her suggestions: Masks or gentle hydration treatments a week before, and hair wash, which in normal or dry hair should be done the day before, and for oily hair the same day early in the morning to avoid loss of volume!

Healthy and hydrated hair will be the perfect complement for the stylist to create a masterpiece!

See you in the next post!

Photos: Ivan Botello 


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