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Makeup and hairstyle, bridal styling in Cuba

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This week we arrive with the first post of a series about Makeup and Hairstyle for weddings in Cuba. Our goal? To leave you some tips on those most frequent topics for brides starting their wedding planning.

In this 2019 we have seen that trends in makeup have led us towards more natural and illuminated faces, with eyes and lips standing out the most. For Cuban brides and those who marry in Cuba, these guidelines are not unknown at all, something that we confirm when talking with Michel Rego, one of the stylists that we recommend to our brides-to-be.

Michel plays this year by a bridal makeup with highlights that bring freshness to the face, accompanied by false eyelashes that will give glam and chic accents to the look. And although it is advisable, he tells us, that brides look for referents with whom they feel identified, they should never forget that the solution is not to follow strictly one trend or another. Each type of face requires a different job and for this task, who could be better that professionals like him?


How to select then the professional who will accompany us on the wedding day? For Michel the fundamental thing is that his work speaks for itself, and for that he needs to show it. Today social platforms such as Instagram or FB are excellent for sharing content and portfolios. Every bride who starts planning her wedding should check the profiles of the stylists to begin to know them, and then decide, with a makeup and hair trial, If they are the perfect fit.

Another of the most frequent causes of anxiety is how to arrive radiant to the wedding day. To achieve this, our best recommendation is to increase skin care long before the I Do. A healthy and hydrated skin (especially the face) is undoubtedly the perfect canvas for the stylist -who is mostly an Artist-, to create.

Photos: Ivan Botello-Fotografía de Bodas

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