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Planning your wedding in Cuba: The importance of the Seating Plan

17 de may de 2018 | 2

After taking a long break, we return with new posts in our Blog! And we do it with a super sensitive theme for brides who are just beginning to plan their wedding in Cuba: To have or not to have a seating plan?

Elegant Havana Wedding Seating Chart

Let's start with the basics, what is a seating plan? Basically it is exactly that, a plan which shows where each person is to sit during the wedding dinner. This chore, one of the first that will face the couple who marries may seem difficult or outdated, but after reading the advantages that we will discuss below, you will surely understand the reason for their importance and become absolute fans like us.

When distributing guests, you can have more control over who will be seated near the main table, and you can then decide whether to follow the protocol by assigning the tables closest to the next of kin, or if break traditions and locate next to you the closest friends. In any case, the seating plan will become a very useful instrument, allowing you to have a map of how the whole space will be organized and who will be sitting next to whom.

-Other clear advantage will be that you won’t have extra worries on the wedding day. When you arrive at the reception you will not have to think who will be sitting near you, or if any of the guests will have trouble finding a table. Everything will be planned in advance, so that bride and groom will know exactly who will be in each place.

-For the guests it will be a problem less too. When they arrive at the wedding, they won’t have to worry about finding a seat quickly, fearing to find all the tables full afterwards, or worse, fearing sitting next to totally unknown people. Couples or groups separated by not finding enough free seats at a table, or colleagues from work and even childhood friends who must find a place among a lot of people that they see for the first time.

-Other direct advantage is that there won’t be a mess of guests walking from one place to another looking for the sit that best suits them or that about to start dinner have not yet managed to find a table for the evening. It can be annoying and distracting especially if you have planned a whole program with toasts and speeches in which the attention of the guests should be concentrated only on the newlyweds.

Paired with these advantages, there is another with a similar importance and to which we will dedicate a few lines: the seating chart that is not more than the graphic of seating arrangements that will be shown at the entrance of the reception. And what positive notes does it include having a seating chart? Keep reading and we will tell you:

The first is that it will prevent guests from waiting in line for the venue managers or wedding coordinators to indicate the table they will be seated on. If you’ve ever been to a wedding with more than 50 guests grouped together at the same time trying to get someone to tell them where they can sit, then you will know exactly  what we are talking about. Having the seating chart at the entrance of the wedding will allow everyone to find their table, at their own pace, before going to dinner, avoiding inconvenient crowds. The seating chart for weddings with a high number of guests would be more than a recommendation, almost a mandatory requirement.

The second benefit, and no less important, is that it will become a special corner that will contribute to the theme and decoration of the wedding. Gone are the days when the seating chart was only a sign in which seating arrangements were indicated in alphabetical order. Currently, creativity plays a fundamental role and besides being a useful tool (as we have already described above), it has become a space for creativity and good taste.

In modern or vintage style, with old frames, in mirrors, in wooden boards for rustic lovers, with maps, photos, postcards of your favorite cities, the possibilities are endless. Respecting that, the basic keys must be a space that all guests can easily access and with a high visibility (usually the best location is near the entrance or in the corner of the cocktail so everyone has time to see where they will be sitting later). For weddings with a larger number of guests the alphabetic seating works better, but if there are not that many, the ideal option is to display it ordered by tables, which will make it look much better.

If you are still not convinced of the advantages of having a seating plan (and a seating chart) at your wedding in Cuba, here we leave you some images in a variety of styles, perfect for receptions outdoors or indoors. Enjoy, compare and leave us your comments ¡!

rustic havana wedding seating chart

Rustic seating chart, organized by table numbers


vintage havana wedding seating chart

Totally vintage with old books covers


guests photographs havana wedding seating chart

Original and fun, with wedding guests photographs


rustic varadero beach wedding seating chart

 Another option for a rustic style with wooden crates and decorative stairs, perfect for a beach wedding


elegant havana wedding seating chart

And don't you adore the idea of a seating chart  with favors? It could be chocolates for an elegant affair or small succulents for a more rustic one.


If you got inspired with these ideas, let us know!!

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