2018 Wedding Trends

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2018 wedding trends

We have read and talked a lot these days, to bring you a selection of some of the trends in weddings that we will be seeing in 2018.

Although to cover this subject we will have to write more than one post, here we leave some ideas in terms of colors, textures and styles, starting at the beginning ... what we should keep from 2017?

The food stations or food trucks, the industrial style and the green accents in florals are still in, but all of them, of course, with different twists and accents for this season.

What does 2018 bring us then?

Colors: Blue in different shades, from the lightest to the darkest sailor or navy style. Copper, sand and earth tones (Emperor according to the Pantone report), intense red (chili oil), lavender (in pink lavander tone), meadowlark, a bright yellow that reminds of spring and the protagonist of the season, the color of 2018 according to Pantone: Ultra Violet!

2018 wedding trends

Florals: Diverse (combining is the key to success this season!). In bright colors, hung from the ceilings or in crowns for brides. The new, a greater accent of natural elements, so let’s incorporate foliage, roots and leaves, with a good dose of color and a more dramatic style, in 2018.

2018 wedding trends in florals

Styles: The industrial style is still in, but with a more ornate decoration far from the minimalist approach of past seasons, the use of geometric elements and many light bulbs with a vintage feel. What's new? Boho Folk, the new rustic of this season and the absolute protagonist for lovers of more casual weddings.

2018 wedding trends

Venues: Indoors, banquet rooms, old warehouses, museums, tents with transparencies and large windows, all of them take protagonism this season above gardens, beaches and courtyards. Although for tropical climates like ours, there are views and natural places that should not be overlooked! A good solution may be to combine spaces, so you do not miss anything

2018 wedding trends

Gastronomy: Foodtrucks and special corners for sweets, donuts, chocolate, coffee or exotic dishes for your guests, will continue to rage this season. What's new? To include small green arrangements to give them life!

2018 wedding trends in food

If you are thinking of a destination wedding, as the saying goes: where in Rome, do as the Romans do, so make sure to mix traditions when possible. And in terms of dresses and accessories, romantic styles, metallic and glitter are still in vogue!

2018 wedding trend glitter


Photos: Julio Alvite e Iván Botello para Aire de Fiesta

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