How to choose the Church for your wedding ceremony

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havana religious wedding ceremony

For some couples having a religious ceremony, in addition to civil, is an essential requirement. This bond that is made for religious or cultural reasons can be one of the most beautiful moments in the life of a couple and perhaps that is why choosing the Church or the temple is not a simple decision. How to do it? Here we leave you some reflections that can guide you throughout the process!

How many guests will it be? This point is simply VITAL and our recommendation is to have at least an estimate in mind before selecting the Church, that way we will avoid that the assistants are uncomfortable if there are many and the space is small, or that more than half of the benches of the church are empty if a very large one has been chosen and the guests are few.

havana cathedral

All couples want their marriage to look sensational and from experience we know that even if the Church is extraordinary, if the space is too large in relation to the number of people attending, the couple will have to decide to decorate it completely, or only a part, and in either case, the final result will disappear if the temple is only partially full.

At the other hand, if the guests are too many in relation to the space available, people will remain standing, creating a visual agglomeration effect that will be fatal in photography!

Is the church near the reception area? Because definitely closer, it's better. If the guests have to travel a great distance to attend the reception, it can be cumbersome and even delay the wedding program. Another alternative may be to organize the transportation of the guests, but even if this is the case, great distances could imply an increase not programmed in the budget.

havana religious wedding ceremony

Is it well located? As much as the interior of the Church is great, if you do not have areas around for parking available, if it offers little security to the guests to transit or even if it does not have an area in which, without interfering with the traffic, can be made traditional rites such as congratulating the couple, throwing rice or petals, it may not be the right temple.

havana religious wedding ceremony

Is it available on the date you have selected? We have left it last, although it is as important as the first point. There is no use thinking about the interior spaces, the style, the proximity or the facilities, if the date of the ceremony is already reserved for other commitments.

havana religious wedding ceremony

If all the above questions already have answers and they are all affirmative, then it is time to check the regulations of the Church that you are considering in order to start the whole process.

In a next post we will be expanding a little more on the steps to follow for religious ceremonies, especially Catholic, in Cuba!

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