Venues with Charm for your Wedding Day: Hotel Nacional de Cuba

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havana hotel nacional garden wedding

Choosing the place for the wedding will be one of the most important and complicated decisions that you will face when you start planning your big day. The venue you select will be the scene of the ceremony, yes, but also the one that will remain in the photos, in the memories of the guests, the one place they will return into whenever they remember your wedding. 

Turning the day of the wedding into that unforgettable and magical moment you dream of will depend to a large extent on knowing how to choose the place for the celebration. Taking into account the season of the year, the schedule, or the style you want for the decoration are essential, but we have already talked about them in this blog. Today's note goes only about the selection of the venue and with it we start a series that we’ll be publishing periodically: Venues with charm for the wedding! 

havana hotel nacional garden wedding

The first of all in Havana could not be other than the National Hotel of Cuba. With its spacious gardens and variety of reception rooms, is indeed the perfect place to celebrate your wedding day. This hotel built in 1930, with its Art Deco style mixed with eclectic elements, has an incredible history.  Celebrities from all over the world have stayed there in their visits to Cuba.

havana hotel nacional garden wedding

Beyond the undeniable attraction of being an historical place known by many inside and outside Cuba, another of its greatest charms lies in its versatility and the possibilities it offers both for the ceremony and for the dinner, cocktail or party that will follow.

Let's start with the garden and its privileged view of the Havana bay. An elegant, rustic, vintage ceremony? A cocktail to enjoy with the guests at sunset? An intimate evening, only for two? There are innumerable possibilities offered by this area, in which creativity could do the trick to recreate as much as the couple desire.

havana hotel nacional garden wedding

havana hotel nacional garden wedding

havana hotel nacional garden wedding

Another advantage is the possibility of having a backup plan B in case of rain. From the terraces that border the hotel, to the event halls, you can always find alternative solutions.

havana hotel nacional plan b wedding

For couples who prefer indoor venues for their wedding reception, in this installation the possibilities are also varied. From more intimate rooms such as the Vedado Room with its peculiar decoration, to the 1930 Room, one of the favorite ones for couples who wish to celebrate with more than 100 guests.

havana hotel nacional indoor wedding

havana hotel nacional indoor event decoration

It is true that at first glance the decoration of these rooms may not match your style, but it is possible to work on them, bringing out their strengths and transforming them into something different each time. This way you can achieve perfect and diverse results.

havana hotel nacional indoor rustic wedding

havana hotel nacional elegant indoor wedding

havana hotel nacional indoor elegant event decor

Havana hotel nacional luxury indoor wedding

Havana hotel nacional luxury indoor wedding

And as if that were not enough, with a bit of luck, you will be able to enjoy even peacocks, who will surprise you at any magical corner in the garden.

havana hotel nacional peacock

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